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What are the key points to buy the turret punch press?

A turret punch press is a machine that uses punching to form metal shapes, can make holes in different diameters and can make as many holes in a sheet of metal as you need for your fabrication. It has been widely used in the field of sheet metal processing, continuous development in structure and performance. Before you buy a new machine, here are key points for you to consider.

Types of CNC Turret Punching Machines

(1)Turret punching machines can be divided by the different drive systems: Hydraulic, mechanical, and servo-mechanical types.

a. The mechanical drive method is relatively low cost and easy to maintain, but the disadvantage is that it is noisy and difficult to release the die.

b. The hydraulic type is more expensive to use, but the noise is low, and the mold release is smooth. However, the use of hydraulic equipment has requirements for the ambient temperature, which cannot be lower than -5 degrees in winter and higher than 70 degrees in summer, so it is necessary to place cooling and heating equipment to ensure the normal operating temperature of the equipment.

c. Servo drive, which is a new technology in these years, has the highest punching speed but is mostly used for punching thin plates.

(2) In addition, according to the structure, there are two main types of structures. Obviously, these two structural forms have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing, users need to know the difference between the two well in advance.

a. Let’s start with the next structural form of turret punching machine, which is the open type CNC punching machine. This kind of equipment has a C-shaped structure with an open side. The main advantage of this structure is that it is cheap, easy to get on and off the workpiece, and convenient for large sheet metal processing. But the disadvantage is the low work tonnage, and the accuracy will be reduced if the tonnage is too high.

b. Another type of turret punching machine is the closed type CNC punching machine, which has an O-shape structure and no open side. The main advantages of this type of machine are high workpiece tonnage and good stability, which can meet the high precision sheet metal processing. The disadvantage is more expensive, and when loading and unloading, it must be done from the left and right sides.

Determine the capacity machine

There are different sizes of machines in the market. First, you need to determine the thickness of the material you’ll be cutting and determine the overall capacity of the machine. The size of the machine table is determined by the method of machining flat metal parts. Once you identify the appropriate table size and capacity, consider its tonnage also. You will find that machines of different configurations are available in the market, so it is ideal for keeping each specific thing in mind.

The thickness of the turret

The thickness of the turret determines the amount of turret deformation. A thin turret is relatively much higher than thick turret deformation. Once the turret deformation directly causes the mold can not be repaired; it can only replace the turret. Therefore, the use of a thick turret greatly improves the service life of the mold, and most countries are currently using a thick turret. Of course, if it also depends on the material of the workpiece to be processed. Generally speaking, if you want to punch the same kind of workpiece or several kinds of holes on the plate above 4mm and below 6mm, it is suitable to choose the automatic thick plate CNC turret punching machine.

CNC Turret Punching

thickness of the turret



of materials

Performance Impact


Anti-deflection load capacity

Thick Turret



Choose the material with low heat, no blackening and low viscosity for the friction surface of the die and the wall of the tower hole when punching at high speed



Thin Turret


1.Save materials

2.reduce equipment costs



The number of die stations of the turret

According to the number of hole types to choose the specific number of stations of equipment. At present, most of the CNC punching machines on the market are mostly 30 stations.

Consider automation option

You need to consider the labor utilization issues of your company, so you need to analyze the automation options that your machine has to offer. As automation of machines includes sheet loading, offloading, sorting, and much more, it will improve your productivity substantially.
An automated system is optimal in high-volume flat sheet metal production, which can produce completed parts, is ready for the next operation without operator intervention.


Before choosing a CNC turret punching machine must be based on the actual situation of their own business, prevent the purchase of CNC turret punching machine and mechanical equipment does not match, wasting the resources and costs of enterprises. Also, choose an enterprise with good after-sales service.

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