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Will Laser Replace Turret Punch Press?

Features of Turret Punch Press

Turret punching machine has more flexibility in curve processing, there can be one or more sets of square, round or other special requirement punches in one turret punching machine, which can process some specific sheet metal piecework at one time, the most common one is chassis and cabinet industry, the processing process they require is mainly straight line, square hole, round hole and so on cutting, the pattern is relatively simple and fixed.

It mainly deal with carbon steel plates below 6mm, and the width is generally 2.5m×1.25m or 1.5mx5m. Stainless steel with thickness above 1.5mm is generally not used for punching because the material viscosity is too large and it costs more for the die.

Its advantage is the simple graphics and thin plate processing speed, the disadvantage is the punching thick steel plate when the ability is limited, even if you can punch is also the piecework surface collapse, cost die, die development cycle is long, high costs, flexibility is not high enough.

Example of Amtec turret punch press parameters:

Features of Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting is a process revolution in sheet metal processing and is the “processing center” in sheet metal processing.

The high degree of flexibility, high cutting speed, high production efficiency and short production cycle have won customers a wide range of markets. Laser cutting without cutting force, processing without deformation; no prop wear, good material adaptability; whether it is simple or complex parts, can be cut by laser in one precision and fast forming; its narrow slit, good cutting quality, high degree of automation, easy operation, low labor intensity, no pollution; can realize cutting automatic sample arrangement, nesting, improve the material utilization rate, low production costs, good economic benefits.

Difference between Turret Punch Press and Laser Cutting Machine

1. Processing materials: laser cutting machine is able to cut metal materials including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel, etc. can also cut the thickness of over 20 mm carbon steel. And turret punching machine is generally limited to stamping and processing of metal materials, the thickness is generally required not greater than 6 mm.



Black metal
Non-ferrous metals
20-45mm carbon steel

Field of turret punching machine:

≤6mm metal materials

2. Processing flexibility: From the aspect of flexibility, laser cutting machine has more advantages, can cut any size and shape of the hole; but turret punching machine can only cut holes with limited mechanism specifications, and low efficiency, more serious damage to the die. Turret punching machines also need to buy many different sizes of molds, the need to prepare the storage of molds warehouse, increasing the management needs, in addition, turret punching machines have higher requirements for the surface cleanliness and flatness of the plate.

Fiber laser cutting
Turret punching

3. Precision and roughness: laser cutting machine is a non-contact processing method, there is no deformation, the cutting surface is delicate and smooth: turret punching machine processing accuracy is poor, the surface will have burrs, there will be deformation.

The difference between unprocessed finished products:

4. Efficiency and cost: combined with the actual will find that the laser cutting machine has more advantages in terms of efficiency and cost, but if the volume of the product is relatively large, you need to use a specially designed mold, you can improve the efficiency of the turret punching machine can be comparable to the laser cutting machine.


Fiber laser system
Tools of turret punching machine


5. Functions and limitations: both machines have their own limitations, if you want to achieve functions such as blinds or embossing, you can use turret punching machines; but for saw blades with silencing slits, you have to use laser cutting machines.

Functions of turret punching machine:


Will Laser Replace Turret Punch Press?

No, it won’t. servo turret punching machine with laser cutting machine can not replace the function of forming processing is the biggest drawback of laser.
Turret punch has all the functions of a laser cutting machine, and has a laser cutting machine can not process shaped can not process three-dimensional shaped parts and many other features, rolling tendons, knocking down holes and other laser cutting can not be processed, in addition to laser cutting processing may produce unavoidable scalding burns on the plate processing and so on.


Compared with fiber laser cutting machine, turret punching machine is more suitable for the production of large volume and simple shape processing parts, such as switchboard cabinet, elevator door panel, steel furniture, electrical cabinet, etc. However, in terms of accuracy, turret punching machine is far inferior to laser cutting machine, and the visual effect of its processed piecework is not ideal, and the surface of the piecework is not smooth.
In short, laser cutting can do the work of turret punching machine basically can do, three-dimensional forming work laser is not as good as turret punching machine, but the precision cutting above or laser is more competent.

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